Introducing a Revolutionary Step in HIV-I Testing

Pioneering Technology

Revolutionary Saliva-Based HIV Testing

Evirotech is at the forefront of medical innovation with our groundbreaking saliva-based HIV-I testing. Our proprietary sensor technology marks a significant leap forward, enabling painless, non-invasive, and efficient HIV detection. Say goodbye to the discomfort and anxiety of traditional blood draws – welcome to a new era of convenience and comfort.

About the Sensor

Our Cutting-Edge Sensor – Your Point of Care Solution

The Evirotech sensor is not just any diagnostic tool; it’s a Point of Care (POC) device designed to transform HIV testing. With our sensor, results are immediate, removing the wait and worry associated with conventional tests. Versatile yet precise, our sensor suits both Point of Care environments and central labs, ensuring broad accessibility and ease of use.

The Evirotech Advantage

Why Choose Evirotech for HIV Testing?

Our innovative approach to HIV testing offers numerous advantages:

Cost-Effective: Reduce healthcare costs with our affordable solution, making HIV testing accessible to all.

Painless Testing: Our saliva-based method eliminates the need for blood draws, offering a stress-free testing experience.

Quick and Convenient: Fast, on-the-spot results mean immediate peace of mind and quicker decision-making.

Highly Accessible: Ideal for both point-of-care settings and central labs, our sensor adapts to your needs.

Expert Endorsement

Dr. Botte's Vision for HIV Testing

Dr. Botte, a pioneer in biosensor technology, is leading our efforts to make HIV testing more accessible and less intimidating. Dr. Botte envisions a world where HIV testing is as simple and routine as a regular health check-up.

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Stay ahead with Evirotech’s latest developments in HIV testing and biosensor technology. Visit our blog for exciting updates and insights into how we’re transforming healthcare, one innovation at a time.


Introducing a Revolutionary Step in HIV-I Testing

Experience the future of HIV-I diagnosis – simpler, faster, and more accessible than ever before.